Monday, October 11, 2010

The Definition of Miscellaneous

okay, so I never got around to writing "He Restore's My Soul - Part 2". I guess "He Restores My Soul - Part 1" Will have to stand alone. I had some interesting stuff to say, but whatever, moving on.

Happy birthday little blog! You turned one year old on October 5th. Sorry I didn't realize that until just now. . .

I got to see my big brother this weekend! we went down to Georgia for his fall break. It was then my worst fear were realized. He does, indeed, have a beard. Oh, the horror! Just kidding, it actually looks really good on him and makes him look a lot older than me that he actually is.

I took the PSAT this morning. Though as a whole it seemed to take a lot less time than it actually did, the math sections seemed to last forever. Have I mentioned I dislike math with a "passion, fire, and burnin' desire*" ?

You may remember (though I rather doubt it) that in my very first post I mentioned we didn't have a couch. Well, almost exactly a year later, we finally have a beautiful chocolate brown sofa sitting in the living room.

It has been a year full of going to people's houses and lounging on their luxurious couches. After months and months of trying out every sofa, chaise, and futon at IKEA, our living room is no longer only filled with uncomfortable chairs and an eleven dollar recliner. Oh, happy day!

*To quote my friend Abigail with whom I homeschooled with for a year in eighth grade.


Abigail Leigh said...

wow... that quote. so profound.