Friday, March 26, 2010

It’s a Lovely Day, It Really Is.

It’s just marvelous outside. Well, I’m not actually outside, but I’m looking out the screen door and onto the deck in my backyard. The early sunset is just starting to fade to orange as I see it through the trees.

Buds are just becoming visible on the tips of branches that have shivered in the wind for these past months. Any day now, the warmth of spring should break through and bring to life all that has lain dormant.

I look forward to once again walking barefoot through the clover that seems to be taking over the backyard. I can’t wait to sink my fingers into the garden soil and plant little seedlings that will supply our vegetables this summer.

The bees are getting an early start on their harvesting. They never really leave me alone. It only takes me sitting outside for a few minutes before they come to investigate. I’ve learned, however, that they’re just curious and if I leave them alone they eventually return the favor.

I look forward to the juicy freshness of summer fruits. Strawberries and cantaloupe and oranges all sound delicious at the moment. I adore sitting on the deck with about a quarter of a watermelon and enjoying a yummy breakfast while I catch some morning rays.

. . . . .

What is you favorite thing about spring?


Bonita said...

Enjoying all of those things with you!