Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Best Day Ever in The Universe.

So I'm taking this chance to say
that I had the best day,
with you, today

-"Best Day" by Taylor Swift

My friends will probably harass me for using a Taylor Swift song to describe how wonderful my day with them was, but yesterday made me happy. It was the best.

My brother, Dave, has been needing to have his senior pictures done for a while now. Thankfully, we happen to be friends with Charis, who is like my favorite photographer EVER.

Long story short, Charis, Dave, and I decided to get together and do his senior pics. Wanting to make it epically fun, We invited Sarah (Whom my dad has decided WILL marry my brother) and her brother, Daniel (Whom I have now adopted as my best friend and who my Dad refers to as my future husband).

Daniel and Sarah, having driven to our house so we could carpool, (and so they wouldn't get lost) got to have the joyous experience of being serenaded by my brother as he played -over and over and over- the few songs he knows on guitar while I ironed his outfit for the photoshoot.

after finally deciding that Dave should wear the green shirt rather than the maroon one, we all piled into the car and plugged in my ipod. The only song we all know and love is "Haven't met you yet" by Michael Buble, So Sarah and I dubbed it our song and we arrived in high humor.

Our first stop was Panera bread, where we did what any normal group of teenagers would do. We ate and laughed and made enough noise to attract many curious glances form the adult-filled restaurant.

After that, we wandered around the area and got many inquiring looks. It was awesome. We sang songs and skipped and were generally rambunctious.

These are my favorite pictures from the whole day.

We were trying to be fangirls.

Daniel is a creeper.

The day ended with me having been told several times that Daniel and I fight like newlyweds. . .or an old, married couple.

Charis, you are the best!

When all was over and Sarah and Daniel were about to leave, one of the best moments of the entire day took place. It has become one of my favorite Facebook quotes ever.

Daniel: "I'm scared you'll punch me if I hug her(me)"
Dave: "I won't punch you. . .hard."

Best brother ever? I do believe so.


Sarah said...

Well, the reason you and Daniel fight like an old married couple is because you gave in. Dave and I are smarter and know how to rebel and find our own future spouses. ;)

Yesterday was really fantastic.