Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out With the Old

It's a sad time for Christmas cheer. Everywhere I look, I see unwanted Christmas trees browning on the side of the road. With their sweet scent goes every scrap of holiday spirit.

Christmas linens and heirloom decorations are all smothered in stuffy boxes until their next opportunity to create a joyful mood.

With holiday meals always come post-holiday diets. Sugar withdrawal causes short tempers and headaches. This I've learned from personal experience.

As everyone receives those unaviodable after Christmas bills, customer service gets less and less hospitable.

Bodies ache from doomed New Years resolutions. Hours in the gym barely make up for hours of feasting. Without instant gratification, most quit by the third day.

What an odd way to start a new year.


Sue J. said...

Which is why we try to keep "making spirits bright" by celebrating Winter at our house. Not in the same way as Christmas, obviously, because it's not the same.

We have a Winter Wonderland celebration, inviting a group of kids and moms over on a day off from school to make snowman crafts and treats and to play games. Last year, we made a swag of mittens--we'll add to that this year. We play "pin the accessory" on the snowman! The kids love doing something fun--because who needs another day off after a 2-week break, really!?

So, keep a little sugar; don't sweat the exercise; bring out the snowman decorations.... Even if you don't "haul out the holly," you don't have lose all the fun.

[I do understand what you're saying, though!]