Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello, It's Been a While Hasn't It?

Hello my dear, little blog. How are you? You probably think I'm mad at you, that I'm giving you the silent treatment. I'm so sorry I seem to be ignoring you.

Its not that I've been more than unusually busy. I don't really have an excuse for leaving you alone for so long.

Since I've abandoned you for such a vast expanse of time, I'll fill you in on a few of the most important happenings.

I got my braces off! My teeth feel funny, but at least now I can chew gum. I found out I get to wear my retainer (which is zebra striped by the way) 24/7 for the next six months. Yay.

It snowed yesterday. I've been telling my friend, who moved here a few years ago, that snow never accumulates here unless it February. So, of course, It snowed (and accumulated) on January 29th.

I didn't go outside to play in the snow today. I sat by the fire and read. Tomorrow though, after a breakfast of pancakes that used to be a Sunday morning tradition, I'm going outside. Even if I have to go out alone, I'm going.

Right now, my most adventurous plan is to find my way to my bedroom in the dark. Then I plan to fall onto my heavenly mattress and slumber heavily while dreaming interesting dreams.



Sue J. said...

Retainers are a pain! But, take it from one who didn't wear it as long as she should have, it totally makes a difference. It's part of the whole plan, not just an inconvenient afterthought.

Enjoy your venture in the snow. I've no doubt it will inspire you.