Monday, December 14, 2009

Normal Inverted

It seems the only thing I can write with ease right now is poetry.

Normal Inverted

If the ceiling was the floor, “come down” would be “get up”.
If we ate on the ceiling, could we still spill on the floor?
Instead of “what’s up?” we would all say “what’s going down?”
If up was down and down was up, would we throw up or throw down?
If the ocean was above the sky, could we watch the whales fly by while the clouds swam below?
What I f I went backwards upside-down, would I really go forward right-side up?
Would riddles make sense and textbooks be jumbled?
Would liars tell the truth or would the truth be a lie?
If those who are humble became arrogant and proud, would those who are proud be arrogantly humbled?
If I was lost in a crowd, would I really stand alone?
If I mailed a letter somewhere else, would it stay right here with me?


Bonita said...

You're making me think too hard, but I like it.