Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Lesson From Eye Makeup

Sin is like that glue used in applying fake eyelashes. It's a tacky, gooey mess that inhibits vision. It never really works and it only looks good on other people. It surrounds your eye in a lie. As if anyone really has lashes that fabulously full.

The bitter distress caused by wrongdoing is like crying while wearing mascara. You're already upset, and it is made worse by the fact your face is puffy and red with black streaks running down it. You feel exposed, as if your mask is literally melting off your face. All that you hid behind; pride, jealousy, greed. All that abandons you and leaves you vulnerable.

That's what sin feels like to me. It blinds me as I go through life and causes me to make unwise decisions. It gives me something to hide behind and then fails completely. Sin is a gross, gory mess. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. It tastes sweet, but causes stomach aches.

Have you ever felt like you were outside of the will of God? It's a terrible feeling. It surrounds you and takes over your thoughts. Until, Like only he can, God quietly calms the mass madness cavorting around in your head with one "Peace, be still."

In that instant, you realize more than ever how terrible sin is. You realize you never want any part of it ever again. You realize God really is the only thing worth living for. And finally, you realize God is waiting for you to be done realizing things so you can grasp his outstretched hand of mercy.


Hannah said...

Amen. :)

(although, I DO like mascara. ;)

Bonita said...

Wow! Preach it sista! That last line really got me.

Sue J. said...

"God is waiting for you to be done realizing things..."

That's a great line! I know God expects our hearts to wander--because we're human and not flawless. But, when we come to the place where we recognize the loss of Him in our lives, humility sets in quick. And God is there, waiting--not the arms crossed kind of impatient waiting, but waiting with joy in knowing that we've taken another step forward in our relationship with Him.

Posh Spice on Idol....could you put on any more black?