Thursday, December 17, 2009

Em and Me

Em and Me
Em and me.
We went to the sea.
We loved to breathe the ocean air.
She learned how to eat southern fare.
We floated on waves of swirling foam.
Around the end of the island we roamed.
We found sea creatures of the not-so-deep.
At night we could hardly fall asleep.
We giggled in the morning when Em would not wake up.
Me, I sat in the hot tub with an iced coffee cup.
Ice cream twice in one week.
Vacations are ever so sweet.
I found out there that Em loves turtles.
I then tasted her soy milk and said, “It must be curdled.”
Alas, Em and me could not remain by the sea.
But we would meet again, on this we could agree.
Em and me.