Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Summary- week one

Its funny how easy it is to subconsciously bend the rules we set. Because our minds are naturally creative, we tend to learn, adapt, and survive. No matter what the issue in life, human nature is determined to either rebel against or conquer the situation. This is yet another glorious attribute to our Heavenly Father. Only one so great as He could've given us the ability to think freely and make our own decisions even though He obviously knows the best path to take.

When I wrote the rules for The Great Experiment, I was extremely tired and I didn't spend enough time going into specifics. As a result, I have constantly had to evaluate which choices are the right ones.

Some aspects have actually been rather easy. Doing without Facebook hasn't been the loathsome task I thought it would be. It's been slightly difficult, but simply by saying "no" to myself, I have found it a light burden.

Others things, however, have been difficult. Youtube and television seem to be staple items in my life. Every time I walk into a room with a TV, I feel compelled to stop and watch "for just a few seconds,".Thus far, I have done well with resisting the urge.

The days, though uniquely different, seem to run together in a constant stream of life. This experiment is accepted as normal now. It was but a rock in the stream.

Any other teens I have told about this experiment, have immediately gone off on a monologue of how horrible it must be. Perhaps they are even more reliant on technology than I.

On a lighter note, Even though I have written It four times so far in this post, I still cannot correctly spell experiment (of course I did it right that time.) on a consistent basis. Hopefully I'll get it right eventually. Experiment E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T experiment...


Bonita said...

You are way more diligent than dear old mom. All it took was a little candy corn and I was way off course. I kinda forgot what my rules are. I told you I'm not a good rule follower.