Monday, November 2, 2009


I'd say I've done pretty well today. I've only accidentally almost logged in to Facebook about seven times. Pretty good, huh?

Yesterday, I was doing a photo shoot with my friend Charis, when I had this flash of artsy inspiration. It had nothing to do with The photo shoot itself, but with the camera. As I stared at that big scary piece of technology, (Charis, I know you're laughing and mentally correcting my terminology.) I watched her focus the lens. Right then and there I thought, Wow, I've been focusing on the wrong part of my life. I'll just refocus the lens.

So here is me refocusing. this is what I want to accomplish between now and that far off Monday when I am through being a guinea pig.


-Spend ample time studying the Word of God. You can't go wrong with that. I want to find verses to stand on concerning some parts of my life.

-Learn how to have fun without technology. I'm sure in some far off land and time I used to have fun without staring at a screen. Tonight I played board games with my mom. Of course, we played only word games like Scrabble and Quiddler. I hope to come up with some more diverse and unique ways to have fun as the days go by.

-Choose which TV shows to continue watching after the two weeks are up. I have a lot of favorites: NCIS, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Fringe, Glee, 24, and a few others I can't think of right now. My plan is to choose about half of them so I wont be constantly watching TV.

Mostly, I just want to come out of this with a new thought process concerning life. I want to take steps now to reach the dreams God has put in my heart. I don't want some complacent everyday-the-same life. I want to break free from the fog surrounding my mind and just breathe life.


Charis Alexandra said...

Yay for fancy camera terminology!
(BTW. I'll be posting your pics in my next blog!)

Sue J. said...

I love that you gals love to do photo shoots! That's a wonderful way of using technology, being creative, having some fun girl time and looking at the creation in cool new ways.

A former editor used to say all the time that a good story was good, but a great picture makes a good story get read.

I think you are already seeing God at work in examining your priorities and objectives!