Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Great Experiment

I've had this on my heart for a while and I've finally decided to act. Before I go any further, let me just say this is not an original idea. I actually heard of it in the book The Prayer of Jabez for Teens.

Recently, stuff has been completely overwhelming. A swirling mayhem of thoughts not my own. All the voices: TV, texting, Ipod, Facebook, Youtube, and video chat, (just to name a few) are disbanding my once loyal and well ordered thoughts. It's risen to a ridiculous level on my priority list. I can be doing the most random thing and I'll remember something out of the latest episode.

Right now I'm not feeling up to some big, long explanation of why I'm doing this. To be honest I really don't even want to, but I can feel God's hand on the situation and I know He has something great in mind. So here it is.

For two weeks I will not:

-Get on Facebook. This will be hard, but I've done it before. I'm not really looking forward to the plethora of notifications I'll have at the end of these next fourteen days.

-Watch any of my normal TV shows. I actually have a working plan for dealing with my overabundance of favorite shows. (See Objectives in my next post) this means I cannot watch any TV after Seven PM. I never really watch TV before that time anyway, so I'll basically be avoiding the living room. Also, no movies unless they're school related.

-Text except for school related topics. I will not involve myself in the idle chatter of long, trivial conversations. If I want to talk, I must *Gasp!* pick up the phone and call the person. Which brings me to my next stipulation.

- Talk on the phone for long sessions of gossip and drama. I can video chat with my friends, but not for extended melodramatic conversations.

-Watch pointless videos on Youtube. I love Youtube. A lot. But it is distracting and I need a break.

-Listen to anything but Christian or classical music. I'm not saying I'll cover my ears and run screaming from any store that plays a secular song, but I do believe in the immense power of repetitive lyrics. Trust me, If you listen to it enough times, you'll start to believe it. At home, I will make an effort to fill my mind with good things, Godly things.

-Read anything But my bible, School related books, Christian books, and/or Christian biographies. Bye bye, Star Wars novels, our parting is bittersweet, but you really are an aimless pastime.

-Eat sweets. I consider sweets as that which is eaten after a meal and is full of sugar. So basically, no cookies, cake, brownies, ect... I can tell that what I eat greatly affects my mood, so I'll try to eat more wholesome foods.

Concerning email, I wont lay any ground rules because all of my emails are school or blog related anyway.

God is not a list of rules, but I can feel the need to step back and breathe.

I will go over what I plan to accomplish in my next post. For now, pray like crazy God will give me the strength to be faithful and reap the reward it brings.

I consider all this a sacrifice, a pleasing aroma to God. He sent His Son to pay the ultimate price, so I know I am forgiven. Looking back over the past few months, however, I can't really find anything I've actually done for God. I'm not trying to earn God's favor. That's not possible. He earned it for me when he sent Jesus, but seriously, why shouldn't I serve the One who gave His life for mine?


Bonita said...

I appreciate your very mature approach to all of this and to life. I plan to make your life a little easier by joining you in some of this because I've felt a similar tug from the Holy Spirit to bolster my relationship with God and step away from some of the mindless things of this world. It's amazing how easy it is to get sucked into a flurry of activity that makes us think we're accomplishing something when in fact we are idling away precious hours. Thanks for the reminder and for plunging ahead. I'll follow suit as the Lord leads me.

By the way, I know you can do this because I've seen you do it before when no one was coming along for the ride.

Sue J. said...

I'm co-teaching an adult Sunday School class this fall--which is something new for me! Yesterday, we talked about the Mary and Martha story in regard to showing hospitality. We're using a book from Proverbs 31 ministries, and the authors made the point that we should not look at Martha's serving as a bad thing. But, Jesus was saying to her that her PURPOSE in SERVING was lost (and that Mary, through her sitting and listening, had made the better choice).

You have discovered that all of these "things" may not be bad in and of themselves. But, when "things" take away from your purpose of living, then you need to re-evaluate.

Wish I could say one such re-evaluation would take care of it for you for life. But, life keeps coming up with new things to distract us and take us away from our purpose. Praying for His intervention is exactly what you need to do, "and He will direct your paths."