Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So far this semester...

I realize the semester is already a month old, but compared to the four years ahead of me I don’t think it really matters. So far I’ve worked on school, spent countless hours doing school, oh yeah, and I did some school. I’m starting to understand what my brother meant when he said, “just wait until you hit high school.”

Here are some of the highlights of the past month. If you can actually consider them highlights:

-My bible studies are very amusing right now. I’ve been reading those books at the end of the Old Testament that nobody ever reads. You know, those pages between Isaiah and Matthew full of names no one can pronounce.

-I’ve discovered just how boring math can be. My math curriculum has an accompanying DVD for every lesson. These lessons are so monotonous I can’t sit still through them. My remedy for this is to lift light weights while I watch. It is really quite astonishing what ten minutes a day can do for your arms.

-I’ve almost mastered the art of reading four books at once. Not simultaneously of course, but between literature, history, writing aspirations, and pleasure reading it all adds up.

-I’m reading Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. Visit their blog here. The part of the book I’m currently reading talks about taking a stand, and taking it now.

-I keep finding myself drawn toward learning new languages. I’m building on my French from last year and also taking a Latin class. Next year I plan to take Spanish, but I really want to keep on learning French as well. I also think it would be really cool to learn Italian.

-I have a new favorite tea. When school seems a daunting task, I just sit down steaming brew in hand, and start working. Usually, about six cups of mandarin orange spice later I am mostly done.

-sports. I really love to play softball, but this year it didn’t work out. Thus, I limit myself to extreme volleyball with my youth group. This entails a ridiculous amount of screaming and confusion that usually ends with my getting “accidentally” hit in the head. My friends call me paranoid, but I know they’re out to get me. The just wait for me to lose concentration and then WHAM!

-Joining the KEY Club sponsored by my homeschool support group had been an interesting experience so far. I haven’t quite figured out why the meetings are always so awkward for me. It’s not like I’m around people I don’t know, I’ve actually known most of the people in the club for a long time. I just feel like a typical antisocial homeschooler whenever I’m at the meetings.