Friday, October 9, 2009

Emotionally contagious

Recently I've been slightly behind on school. I've been extremely focused on just getting it done, slogging through my days of school as if they were manual labor. By then end of the day, all I want is the comfort of sitting still and staring at my TV screen, or my Facebook, or anything where I don't have to think.

It took until today, when I read the autumn thankful list over at Sum of our moments, for me to realize I'd stopped trying to live. It's so hard to stay on the right path when you don't even realize you've left it.

I'm a very social person. I mean, I LOVE to be around people almost all the time. The downfall of this is I get moody when I am alone for too long. This must have happened to me without my knowing because it seemed like yesterday, when I saw all my friends at my homeschool co-op, they could tell I was upset. I didn't even know I was upset! But it affected them just the same.

So, when I read Emily's autumn thankful list, I realized joy is contagious, but so is almost every other emotion. Today I choose to be happy. I choose to live, not drag myself into a pit of homework only to realize people are what truly matter. Because, people are very important, and it's selfish to only think about how something makes me feel when it actually affects a lot of others. And so, I let love be my highest goal. (1st Cor 14:1)


Charis Alexandra said...

I agree completely with this blog.

(and I think your new layout is pretty spiffy)


aukergirl said...

Let's start a joy revolution! I'm liking the blog by the way!