Monday, October 19, 2009

A musical pizza scare

This past weekend,I vividly remember only three things:

I rediscovered why I have trouble shopping in stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and American Eagle. I can't stand the music! It's so loud and stressful it just makes me want to get out as quickly as I can. It's like it obstructs brain function so you'll just buy something, even if you don't actually want it.

I called my dad because I needed him to start the dough for the pizza I was going to make. I gave him step by step instructions and hoped for the best. when I arrived home, however, I found what can only be described as pizza soup. It was squishy, goo-like, and way too sticky to be considered for a dinner entree. After some investigation, it was discovered the dough had twice as much water as it needed. My dad felt really bad about it, but I thought it was hilarious. We ate ordered pizza that night. Thanks for trying Daddy!

I played flashlight tag at my friend's youth group. Basically, it was outdoor hide and seek. The only rule was we had to stay on church property. Being the Achluophobes that we are, my friend and I didn't hide very well because all the good hiding places were in the dark. Once we were found (it didn't take long), we helped look for the other people who were still hiding. For some odd reason, we chose to separate from the main group and try to catch the two remaining hiders by ourselves. Of course since we were alone, we didn't have a flashlight. For about ten minutes we searched without success. All the while telling whoever might be listening, "Please do NOT jump out and scare us. We are terrified of the dark and don't find horror very amusing." Finally, my friend thought she saw something moving behind a tree and we cautiously headed for it. Just as we were starting to think it might be safe, the two hiders jumped out and yelled right in our faces as loud as they could. Our screeching was louder than theirs. Never in my life have I been so terrified.

After we realized who it was, they took off running with us in hot pursuit. I'd like to be able to say my friend and I caught them and enacted sweet revenge, but in reality we were so winded by the time we caught up with them all we could do was glare. Being the spastic twins that we are, it took us over thirty minutes to reach an almost normal level of calm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bre,
Thats so funny when your Daddy tried to make pizza...When I was younger, I used to make pizza for your Daddy, your uncles and Aunts on Fridays...It was a great memory! Thanks for sharing your story with us.. love ya, Aunt Sue

Sue J. said...

I totally agree with your findings on the obnoxious music and store sales "pitch." I'm sure if we Google'd, we could find some actual marketing studies to support your firsthand account. (Probably why I like to shop our Kroger; I'm constantly singing in the crackers, cereal, etc.)

My husband makes the pizza at our house. I have tried, and I understand how your dad must have felt! Thanks for the grace to us non-pizza makers!!