Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time well spent

Father God I come before you with gladness. Not only because of this great day you have blessed me with, but with the pure joy that accompanies the knowledge of your infinite grace.

Yesterday I realized I haven't been giving you much time. Saying a quick prayer in the morning and evening is not enough to satisfy my hunger for your love. Those quick prayers should only supplement time spent in your presence. How quickly I forget that you,who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundations of the earth, and formed the human spirit (Zechariah 12:1), have called me worthy to enter your throne room. So I set aside this time for you. More than a few minutes here and there, I now choose to simply love you with my words. You gave me this gift, I will use it to uplift your righteousness.

Thank you for my wonderful friends. They never cease to make me laugh. I am so encouraged by being around people who have your joy. And when I need to talk things out, you have given me friends that can listen and then speak your words over the situation. I adore praising you with them around. It brings companionship to a whole new level to love the same extraordinary God.

Help me to simply let go when everything being said is annoying me. Set me free from feeling like a wet cat when something irks me. When fingernails are on the chalkboard, please give me grace. Voices swirl around me, a constant stream of unfinished thoughts, and I can't hear you. Please show me what to set aside so I can always feel your presence.

Bless my family. Bless my church. Encourage my friends and be with them constantly. Do great things through ordinary people, so others will look and say, "Only God could have done that." Show me the hope left in this world. Let me see things through the clear focus of your reality.


Dale said...

"Set me free from feeling like a wet cat when something irks me." I think I need to borrow that prayer. :)

I love the poetry you create with your words!