Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold hard poetry

I chipped these out of the ice for you. These two poems are the product of a cold day in the life of a girl who loves equatorial weather. In no way do they reflect my emotional state of being. All they prove is the windows should not be left open in mid October. My only reference to myself is the mention of my small, cold-numbed fingers in Icebound, which do tend to shock people.

An ice storm of the heart.
Snow. Falling, melting on the pages.
Blurring all the words.
Goose bumps like needles.
Frozen is the inside.
Icicles falling, sharp like pain.
After that, numbness, cold slowness.
Body shutting down, stopping just short.
Warmth in the distance.
Mind thinking yet unfeeling.
Not a care where care should be taken.
Deaf to all, as if in awe.
Frozen pipes in the heart, blood turning blue.
Nothing, just nothing.
Only. . .

I get cold when I’m alone.
My heart freezes like the arctic depths.
My soul cringes at the touch of my own hand.
I am so cold.

I have to face the world this way,
Scaring all who touch my cold-numbed fingers.
My frozen touch is like a wintry death.
My own death, not theirs,
Every time they look with disgust in my isolated, Siberian eyes.

I walk through the world, a living patch of ice.
I make them slip and they hate me more.
Think you I asked for such fate as this?
I am icebound in this polar body.
I am so cold.

I am hardest to love, I need it the most.
Reach beyond my cold exterior,
Locate the warmth I hope exists inside.
Don’t scorch me with a flame thinking to thaw me out.
For I'll only melt and be no more.

I can but imagine what your heat must feel like.
I have never known.
I am entranced like a witch's spell by what warmth might be.
I am so cold.


Bonita said...

One thing those cold little appendages can do is write some awesome poetry!

Miss Sandy said...

Hi Bre,

Welcome to the land of blog! I love your mom's blog and I an equally entranced by yours. Your writing has both depth and eloquence. I wish you well on your journey here.

Many Blessings,
Miss Sandy

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! And just how long have you been holding this in??