Saturday, October 10, 2009

Breaking News: Scientists discover link between joy and laughter.

Well, in my last post I talked about choosing to be happy.

As soon as I posted it, I went to brush my hair and discovered a knot the size of Texas. While trying to remove said knot, my clumsy fingers decided to hit me in the forehead with my brush. Hard.

Not long after that, my dad called and said he had read my latest post. He repeatedly asked me if I wanted to stop homeschooling and go to school. I repeatedly said no.

A few minutes later, my mom came in to talk to me. We didn't argue. We didn't agree. I have trouble expressing myself by just talking. Writing makes so much more sense.

I spent the rest of the day thinking deeply. Those thoughts made me grumpy.

I could barely eat dinner because my mouth was hurting from getting my braces tightened a few days ago. My mom pointed out that inadequate nutrition makes people moody. In my minds eye, I saw all the mac and cheese, lean pockets, and apple sauce I'd been eating. I also saw the complete lack of vegetables and protein.

I managed to swallow a few bites of pork chop.

That evening, I gave up on all the deep dark thoughts and watched TV with my family.

This morning, I woke up and got in a pretty intense battle with the shower head. It was determined to drown me. After a quick battle between water and oxygen in my nose, I emerged victorious, If somewhat waterlogged.

Honestly, yesterday was not an awesome day for me, but looking back on it today has been pretty hilarious. I keep laughing about all the things that seemed so important yesterday. How silly to write a blog about choosing to be happy and then refusing to laugh off all the little things that go wrong.

It just comes naturally to make a list of everything that goes wrong and then try to place the blame on everyone else. What if we spent our time thinking about everything that went right? How much anger could be avoided by refusing to let not-so-great moments be on instant replay in our heads?